Burpee Broad Jump Mile. No time cap.

APRIL FOOLS (please don’t actually do that!!!)

Real workout:

20 Minute EMOM, alternating minutes

  1. 8-12 pushups
  2. 10 Jump Squats+Max jump rope for remainder of minute (jumping jacks if no jump rope)


6 Rounds
With a 3:00 minute clock
8 Dumbbell power cleans 40#(25#)
10 Push ups
15(12) Calories on the rower OR 10 DB Presses
Rest remainder of the time

*Score is slowest round

6 Rounds of
With a 3:00 clock
10 Hinge to jump as high as you can
10 Push ups
10 Lunge jumps
Rest remainder of time


At Home Workout
As many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of
50 Double unders OR 50 single unders OR 50 jumps with hip double tap
15′ Handstand walk OR 5 handstand kick ups
against a wall or free standing OR 2 wall walks OR 30′ bear crawl
5 Bent over rows with kettlebell or dumbbell + 5 chair dips


At Home Workout
Every minute on the minute x 20 minutes
Odd :45 of hang DB squat clean OR hang KB squat clean do full round on one side alternate to the other side on next round
Even :45 of burpee jump over object

If no equipment
Every minute on the minute x 20 minutes
Odd :45 jumping air squats of jumping lunges
Even :45 of burpee jump over something


Happy Birthday Marie P

For time
Row 1000 Meters
50 Alternating dumbbell Snatch 
Row 750 Meters
36 Alternating dumbbell Snatch
Row 500 Meters
20 Alternating dumbbell Snatch
Row 250 Meters

At Home Workout
For time:
Run 4:00 2:00 out and 2:00 back
50 Alt DB snatch OR 50 KB swings
Run 3:00 1:30 out and 1:30 back
36 Alt DB Snatch OR 36 KB swings
Run 2:00 1:00 out and 1:00 back
20 Alt DB Snatch OR 20 KB swings
Run 1:00 for max distance Walk back
*Depending on your KB weight, these can be Russian swings

If no equipment, sub the following for DB snatch rounds
25 Good mornings
25 Tuck jumps
18 Good mornings
18 Tuck jumps
10 Good mornings
10 Tuck jumps