Our only class on Monday (10/14) will be held at 8am, open gym to follow from 9-10am.

OPEN HOUSE/GRAND OPENING: Saturday (10/19). We will be having our yoga class at 9:15am, followed by a class at 10:30, with coffee, snacks and hand outs to follow. ALL are welcome and we encourage you to bring family/friends along to join in on the workout. All are welcome for the yoga class as well, but the $10 price per class applies.



9×3 Bench Press @ 60-70%, go every :45-:60

B1. DB Standing Strict Press 3×10

B2. DB Double Incline Row 3×10

B3. DB Side Bends 3×10/side

B4. DB Skull Crushers 3×10/side

B5. Plated Toe Touches 3×20