For Time
Buy-In: 135 Air Squats
Then, 4 Rounds of:
8 Push ups
20 Power Cleans (52/38 kg)
20 Front Squats (52/38 kg)
Buy-Out: 102 Sit-Ups

This tribute workout is dedicated to all the innocent souls who died, the thousands of people injured, and those who lost their homes and properties in the explosion that rocked the city of Beirut on August 4, 2020.

The workout was designed by Head Coach Ramzi Kamareddine of 9616 CrossFit (Tripoli, Lebanon)

Question of the day: What weird food Combinations do you love?


Snatch complex- Every minute on the minute- 8 minutes

high pull + hang power snatch + Power snatch

Metcon- For time

40/32 cal row
21 thruster 45/35
30/24 cal row
15 thruster 45/35
20/16 cal row
9 thruster 45/35

15 minute time cap


4 Rounds for Time

10 Single arm dumbbell thrusters right 
100 Meter Sprint
10 Single arm dumbbell thrusters left                                                                                       100 Meter Sprint

sub thrusters for 15 Pushups if no weight


5 Rounds for reps of 
With a 2:00 clock
5 Single arm thrusters right side
10 Alternating reverse lunges with dumbbell on right side
5 Single arm thrusters left side
10 Alternating lunges with dummbell on left side
With remaining time, as many 10 meter shuttle sprints 
as possible

Rest 2:00 between each round

if no weights for thrusters do Burpees